09Aug 2017

The United States Sentencing Commission has released its drug trafficking statistics for 2016. Which of the following drugs would you think commands the greatest number of prosecutions from the federal government? Heroin? Oxycodone? Methamphetamines? Powder cocaine? Crack cocaine? The drug that is number one on this list is methamphetamine. There were 6,460 offenders in the […]

04Aug 2017

The United States Supreme Court in Batson v Kentucky held that prosecutors cannot exclude potential jurors because of race. The law after that decision held that neither can the defense. Jurors cannot be excluded either because of gender or religion. If a party demonstrates a pattern of exclusion in such categories the court should demand […]

26Jul 2017

Several people, including two young children, an American military veteran, and a retired football player, all of whom are medical marijuana patients, have filed a suit against the Department of Justice in federal court in New York city. They allege that they have been discriminated against by the Federal Controlled Substances Act. They claim that […]

19Jul 2017

OJ Simpson, who is now 70 years old, is expected to be paroled on Thursday after 9 years in prison. He could be released October 1st if granted parole. Those in the know say that he has served his minimum sentence of 9 years and that in parole in Nevada is based almost entirely on […]

12Jul 2017

There used to be 300 death sentences pronounced each year in the United States. Last year, there were just thirty. Capital punishment has now been outlawed in nineteen states and in other states it is decreasing in its imposition. Jurors are increasingly reluctant to impose it. Last year, only twenty-seven counties out of more than […]

11Jul 2017

A Florida judge recently received an anonymous birthday card and $10,000 in cash. He didn’t know what to do with it and temporarily turned it over to the sheriff’s department. Should he keep it? Should he donate it to a charity? The Florida Supreme Court’s Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee said that he should do either […]