04Aug 2017

The United States Supreme Court in Batson v Kentucky held that prosecutors cannot exclude potential jurors because of race. The law after that decision held that neither can the defense. Jurors cannot be excluded either because of gender or religion. If a party demonstrates a pattern of exclusion in such categories the court should demand […]

01Aug 2017

DUI Penalties & Fines The state of Tennessee takes DUIs seriously. DUIs come with harsh mandatory sentences, stiff fines, and life-altering restrictions on your ability to drive. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, the punishment you’re facing, if convicted, depends on your prior DUI record. Let’s break down the possibilities. Penalties & Fines for […]

26Jul 2017

Several people, including two young children, an American military veteran, and a retired football player, all of whom are medical marijuana patients, have filed a suit against the Department of Justice in federal court in New York city. They allege that they have been discriminated against by the Federal Controlled Substances Act. They claim that […]

19Jul 2017

OJ Simpson, who is now 70 years old, is expected to be paroled on Thursday after 9 years in prison. He could be released October 1st if granted parole. Those in the know say that he has served his minimum sentence of 9 years and that in parole in Nevada is based almost entirely on […]

12Jul 2017

There used to be 300 death sentences pronounced each year in the United States. Last year, there were just thirty. Capital punishment has now been outlawed in nineteen states and in other states it is decreasing in its imposition. Jurors are increasingly reluctant to impose it. Last year, only twenty-seven counties out of more than […]

12Jul 2017

TN BAC Limits While on the surface BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) limits seems like a simple enough topic – get a DUI conviction if you’re over the limit, scot-free if you’re under – it’s actually a little more complicated than that. Now, while the legal limit in Tennessee is cut and dry, your BAC as […]

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