20Jun 2017

The United States Supreme Court reversed an Alabama case in which the defendant was denied an expert mental health professional yesterday. In an unusual application of the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, the Court held that to deny him mental health assistance in his capital case was an unreasonable application of Supreme Court law. […]

19Jun 2017

The United States Supreme Court today in Packingham v North Carolina addressed a North Carolina law which makes it a felony for a registered sex offender to access a commercial social networking website where the sex offender knows that the site permits minor children to become members or create and maintain person web pages. Mr. […]

15Jun 2017

Inmate telephone calls in jails and prisons have become, in most places, prohibitively high in cost. Because of this issue, the Federal Communications Commission placed a cap on inmate placed calls. The District of Columbia Court of Appeals has ruled that the FCC exceeded its statutory authority by placing a cap on intrastate calls. They […]

14Jun 2017

Can your wife testify against you? The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals(Tennessee’s circuit) decided yesterday that one cannot invoke marital privilege in child abuse cases as to confidential communications. There are two types of marital privilege. First, a spouse cannot be compelled to testify adversely against his or her spouse. The privilege is held by […]

12Jun 2017

The United States Supreme Court decided today in Virginia v LeBlanc that the law is still unsettled as to whether a Virginia geriatric statute is enough to satisfy the standard in Graham that a juvenile convicted as an adult must be given a reasonable opportunity for release, showing that he has rehabilitated himself. This case […]

08Jun 2017

The Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled in State v Rowland that one cannot appeal the denial of a Motion to Return Property where he did not file and have ruled upon a pretrial Motion to Suppress Evidence. If that happens to someone, they may still have a remedy. If their trial counsel was ineffective for […]

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