08Jun 2017

Tennessee law provides that one who is arrested shall not be booked until he has been allowed one completed telephone call to a person of his choice without undue delay. This law is simply not followed and should be. Jails routinely book arrested persons before their allotted phone call, and they are not permitted a […]

05Jun 2017

The United States Supreme Court decided an important forfeiture case that originated in Chattanooga. Judge Sandy Mattice, a Chattanooga district judge, decided that in Honeycutt v United States that Honeycutt’s assets could not be forfeited when it was his brother, not him, who benefited financially from the crime. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed […]

12May 2017
DUI for Prescribed Medication

Just because a doctor has issued a prescription for certain medications and it is legal to use and have possession of them does not necessarily mean it is legal to drive while the medications are effective in the system. This is still a gray area of law concerning the level of intoxication, but that does […]

08May 2017
I Just Received a DUI. Now What Do I Do?

Have you recently been arrested for a DUI? If so, you might be wondering what is going to happen next. As you might already know, drinking and driving is considered to be a serious matter by the state of Tennessee, and you could be facing pretty serious consequences. You can help minimize the effects of […]

08May 2017

If you or a loved one has been convicted in violation of the United States or the Tennessee Constitutions, we at Whitt, Cooper & Hedrick may be able to help you. Courts are authorized to vacate or set aside convictions or sentences if there is a Constitutional violation. One may have had incompetent trial counsel […]

05May 2017

We at Whitt, Cooper & Hedrick love hearing these two words. We work hard to earn these two words from juries. We have been fortunate to earn this verdict on many occasions. Some believe that being found not guilty is the same as being found innocent. Sometimes it does. But sometimes it means that the […]

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