03May 2017
Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney 

Facing criminal charges can be terrifying, and it’s important to prepare for your potential case thoroughly. Hiring a defense attorney is critical for improving your odds of beating charges. Here are a few questions to ask your defense attorney. Overall Strategy While lawyers need time to prepare cases, they can often provide a general overview […]

03May 2017

Money laundering is a serious crime with extreme penalties. We at Whitt, Cooper & Hedrick have represented people charged with money laundering many times. Money laundering can be as simple as cashing a forged check to as complicated as international money laundering schemes running illegal money through foreign banks and then investing in foreign corporations. […]

01May 2017
Tennessee DUI Laws to Know 

In the state of Tennessee, there are laws regarding driving under the influence or DUI. It’s important to know these laws if you are ever driving within the state after you have been drinking. There are many aspects of DUI laws in Tennessee that can result in criminal sentences that include jail time, fines and […]

01May 2017

The last meal for the condemned has long been a tradition in this country and in many countries across the globe. Most prisons refer to it as a “special meal”. Typically the condemned requests what he wants to eat and wardens try to comply within reason. An unreasonable request some years ago caused Texas to […]

18Apr 2017

We at Whitt Cooper & Hedrick like to stay abreast of any scientific developments that could help our clients. One such exciting development that we are exploring is that of the Warrior Gene. The Warrior Gene appears on the X chromosome of some people and its presence, along with evidence of being abused as a […]

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