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Gun Rights Expanding

There is no question that Tennessee is a gun friendly state, and this year’s legislative session proved it. Two important gun rights were added to those already enjoyed by Tennesseans. First, Tennesseans can now manufacture and possess silencers legally. The Tennessee Hearing Protection Act of 2017 will not affect federal regulations but it will remove silencers from the list of banned weapons. With federal regulations still in place, compliance with the National Firearms Act is still necessary. A person could still face federal charges for manufacturing or selling silencers. This Act is an interesting example of a state enacting its individual rights, similar to the legalization of marijuana in some states. We will do our best to stay informed about any upcoming cases and legal repercussions there may be with this new development, and in turn, keep our readers informed.

Secondly, Tennesseans can now possess firearms and ammunition on their boats. That is in addition to their vehicles and their homes. While many gun rights advocates approve of this new law, it does add an extra element of danger to boating. Law enforcement will now need to exercise even more caution when approaching boaters that could potentially be armed. Many people who enjoy recreational boating and fishing also bring alcohol into the mix, which could compound any issues that arise with armed boaters.