Several people, including two young children, an American military veteran, and a retired football player, all of whom are medical marijuana patients, have filed a suit against the Department of Justice in federal court in New York city. They allege that they have been discriminated against by the Federal Controlled Substances Act. They claim that the classification of marijuana as a schedule I drug violates a number of their constitutional rights. A schedule I drug has no medical use. Drugs like cocaine are classified as schedule II because it can be used medically (specifically, there are medicines that can be derived from it).

They allege that their right of due process, their right to travel, and the commerce clause have been violated. One commentator suggests they might also allege that their 8th Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment is being violated as well.

This suit comes at a time when the Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, is striking out against any marijuana use wherever he can. We are interested in what our readers think about this lawsuit.

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