Drug Cases

Whether you are currently under investigation, suspect you are being investigated or have already been arrested, it is imperative that you immediately seek assistance from a competent, experienced criminal defense attorney. The government’s “War on Drugs” has continued to permeate through our society, resulting in Draconian laws and even harsher penalties.

Consider the fact that the Tennessee Legislature has added the Drug Free School Zone statutes, which requires incredibly stiff punishments for any drug offenses occurring within 1000 ft. of any school, recreational center or park, daycare or public library. [T.C.A. 39-17-432] As an illustration, a person convicted of possessing as little as one gram of cocaine in one of these zones will be sentenced to a range of no less than 15 years, nor more than 25 years. As a comparison, that is the same punishment for a person convicted of 2nd Degree Murder. Also, in Federal Court we are seeing more citizens with previous minor drug convictions, which make them eligible for Career Offender Status in Federal Court, subjecting that citizen to life imprisonment with no option for early release or parole. If you have one previous felony drug conviction, even though it may have been served on probation only, punishment in federal court can be doubled. Two or more such prior convictions can land you a life sentence.


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