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Talking to Your Kids About Interactions with Law Enforcement

Guiding Your Teenager Through Law Enforcement Interactions

Talking to Your Teen About Police Interations: Essential Advice from Knox Defense Navigating interactions with law enforcement can be daunting for teenagers. With approximately 424,300 persons under the age of...

State Court

If you are facing criminal charges in Tennessee it is crucial to have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. Being charged with any crime in Tennessee carries serious...

Federal Court

Federal Crimes and Federal Court At Knox Defense, we recognize the gravity of facing federal charges and the unique challenges that the federal court system presents. If you're confronted with...
Police in pursuit of a reckless driver at night. About 30 years old Caucasian man, worried and holding his head, looking back at a police car.

Third Offense DUI in Tennessee

Third Offense DUI in Tennessee Any DUI conviction has serious consequences. These consequences increase dramatically every time you are convicted of DUI. A third-offense DUI will result in substantial jail...
DUI checkpoint

DUI Plea Bargaining in Tennessee

DUI Plea Bargaining in Tennessee You will face a variety of harsh penalties if arrested for DUI. This will be the case regardless of whether it’s your first charge or...

DUI Laws for Minors in Tennessee

DUI Laws for Minors in Tennessee A person under the age of 21 who is pulled over under the suspicion of drinking and driving in the state of Tennessee may...

What to Know About Field Sobriety & Alcohol Tests

What You Need to Know About Field Sobriety and Alcohol Tests in Tennessee There’s nothing worse than hearing the sound of a police siren behind you when you’re driving, unless...
BAC test

What to Know About Forced Blood Draws

What You Need to Know About Forced Blood Draws in Tennessee (DUI Testing) If a police officer pulls you over on suspicion of drunk driving (DUI) in Tennessee, do you...
implied consent

DUI Restricted Licenses in Tennessee

DUI Restricted Licenses in Tennessee When you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Tennessee, you’ll automatically have your driver’s license revoked or suspended. This will greatly alter your lifestyle, making...
prison release

DUI Release

Getting Released on Bond after a DUI Arrest In Tennessee, an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) includes a mandatory jail sentence, even for first time offenders. If you’re arrested and...
first dui

Second Offense DUI in Tennessee

Second Offense DUI in Tennessee Your first DUI in Tennessee is a serious offense, with many serious consequences. If you are arrested for a second DUI within 10 years of...
dui by consent

DUI by Consent in TN

DUI by Consent in Tennessee DUI by consent, also known as DUI by proxy, in the state of Tennessee is a driving under the influence law that charges the owner...
felony conviction

What a Felony Conviction Does to You

People often do not realize the severe effects that a non-violent felony conviction can have on their lives. As the pictured chart shows, the collateral effects are far-reaching. There are...
implied consent

Tennessee Implied Consent Law

Tennessee Implied Consent Law When you see the dreaded flashing lights behind you, one of the things you need to think about is Tennessee’s implied consent law. In addition to...
drugs and money

Drug Trafficking Statistics

The United States Sentencing Commission has released its drug trafficking statistics for 2016. Which of the following drugs would you think commands the greatest number of prosecutions from the federal...