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Joshua Hedrick's Closing Argument in the case of Aaron Valentine

The Case of Aaron Valentine: A Battle for Free Speech Amidst Political Prosecution

In the heart of Knoxville, Tennessee, the echoes of past injustices reverberated as four activists found themselves entangled in a legal battle over their right to protest peacefully. Among them...
The Tragic Case of Philly Pheap

Seeking Justice: The Tragic Story of Philly Pheap

In the pursuit of justice, sometimes, the path is long and arduous, and the outcome isn't always what we hope for. This is the heartbreaking story of Philly Pheap, a...
Talking to Your Kids About Interactions with Law Enforcement

Guiding Your Teenager Through Law Enforcement Interactions

Talking to Your Teen About Police Interations: Essential Advice from Knox Defense Navigating interactions with law enforcement can be daunting for teenagers. With approximately 424,300 persons under the age of...
Jonathan Cooper helps to establish Mental Health Court in Knox County

Jonathan Cooper Reports on Mental Health Courts in Knox County

In April, 2023, founding partner Jonathan Cooper reported in DICTA, the monthly publication of the Knoxville Bar Association, on a new Mental Health Court in Knox County (article below). As...
Jonathan Cooper leading his team in downtown Knoxville

Jonathan Cooper Interviewed Regarding Amendment to Juvenile Justice Laws in Tennessee

An amendment added to HB1029 and its companion bill SB1159 would change the face of the criminal justice system as it relates to underage offenders if the laws passed. Jonathan...
Jonathan Cooper confers with a client in court in Knoxville

Attorney-client Privilege and Work-Product at Risk: Jonathan Cooper in the News

Jonathan Cooper of Knox Defense was interviewed by NewsChannel 5 relative to the listening devices installed around the Nashville District Attorney's office, which he followed up with an email to...
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The concept of fairness has been an integral part of our legal system since at least the year 1215. During that time, over 800 years ago, the Magna Carta was...
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Racism in Jury Selection

The United States Supreme Court in Batson v Kentucky held that prosecutors cannot exclude potential jurors because of race. The law after that decision held that neither can the defense....
Death Penalty Declines in the US

Decline in Capital Punishment: A Shift in Juror and Prosecutor Perspectives

The landscape of capital punishment in the United States has significantly shifted over the past few decades. While there were once around 300 death sentences pronounced each year, this number...

What’s a Judge to do with $10,000?

A Florida judge recently received an anonymous birthday card and $10,000 in cash. He didn’t know what to do with it and temporarily turned it over to the sheriff’s department....

Public Trial

We are all entitled to a public trial. The public and the press are also entitled to a public trial in order to ensure that free society is open and...

Collateral Consequences

Luke Heimlich was the ace pitcher for Oregon State, who entered 2017’s College World Series as the favorite with a 54-4 record the season. In 2012, Heimlich pleaded guilty to...
Not Guilty

Death Penalty Case Reversed

Years ago, in Akey v Oklahoma, the Supreme Court established that when a poor defendant demonstrates that his sanity at the time of the offense will be a significant factor...

Sex Offender Internet Restrictions

The United States Supreme Court today (June 2017) in Packingham v North Carolina addressed a North Carolina law which makes it a felony for a registered sex offender to access...

Prohibitively Priced Inmate Calls

Inmate telephone calls in jails and prisons have become prohibitively high in cost in most institutions. Because of this issue, the Federal Communications Commission placed a cap on inmate placed...