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Post Conviction Relief – 6th Amendment Right to Counsel: Joshua Hedrick Interviewed by News Channel 11

Following court in the highly publicized Post Conviction Relief matter surrounding a trial court’s denial of a defendant’s constitutionally protected right to counsel, Joshua Hedrick was interviewed by Clarice Scheele of News Channel 11.

“There is a reason why our founding fathers said everyone gets a lawyer, especially when it is a literal matter of life and death,” said Hedrick. On the witness stand, Knoxville Criminal Defense Attorney Wade Davies, who offered expert testimony surrounding matters like effective assistance of counsel and issues of ethics, said, “It’s pretty much as serious an issue as you can get in the law to deprive someone of right to counsel in a death penalty trial.”

The full video report from News Channel 11 is embedded below:

The video story above is the full extent of the post at News Channel 11. You can find it on their site HERE.