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Restricted Driver’s Licenses

A person convicted of a 1st Offense DUI, whose intoxicated driving did not result in death or serious bodily injury, and has not been previously convicted of certain disqualifying offenses, may apply for a restricted driver’s license. The scope and limitations of this special license depends on whether the DUI is considered to be “Enhanced.”

A person convicted of a 2nd and subsequent offenses may also apply for a restricted license, but only if the vehicle is equipped with an ignition interlock device during the period when the license is restricted and for additional 6 months after the revocation period.


License Restrictions:
Not Enhanced No Ignition Interlock required.
Defendant permitted to drive only to and from work and/or full-time college or university, while on the job, to and from a court-ordered DUI School, a scheduled interlock monitoring appointment, a scheduled litter pickup, and regular place of worship.
Defendant may request Ignition Interlock and drive without geographic restrictions.
Enhanced DUI Ignition Interlock required.
No geographic restrictions.
Enhanced if:

(1) Blood-alcohol content was .08% or higher at the time of driving;

(2) Accompanied by person under 18;

(3) Involved in accident which was the proximate result of the defendant’s intoxication; or

(4) Violated the implied consent law and has a violation within 5 years for Implied Consent, Underage DWI, or Reckless Driving if the charged offense was DUI.

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