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Josh Hedrick Interviewed by WJHL News Channel 11 Regarding Violation of Client’s Constitutional Right to Counsel

Joshua Hedrick & Cullen Wojcik argue the Post Conviction Relief Petition for a client whose constitutional right to counsel was violated during his 2010 murder trial.

Coverage of the Post Conviction Relief matter concerning the Trial Court’s error in failing to protect the defendant’s Constitutional right to counsel in his 2010 murder trial continues as Joshua Hedrick is interviewed by WJHL News Channel 11 on March 7 as the hearing begins on March 7, 2023. Death row inmate Howard Hawk Willis’s…

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Post Conviction Relief – 6th Amendment Right to Counsel: Joshua Hedrick Interviewed by News Channel 11

Joshua Hedrick interviewed regarding 6th Amendment Rights Post Conviction Relief Case March 2023

Following court in the highly publicized Post Conviction Relief matter surrounding a trial court’s denial of a defendant’s constitutionally protected right to counsel, Joshua Hedrick was interviewed by Clarice Scheele of News Channel 11. “There is a reason why our founding fathers said everyone gets a lawyer, especially when it is a literal matter of…

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Constitutional Rights: Joshua Hedrick in the News

In the trial of six policing reform advocates arrested nearly two years ago, major constitutional issues have arisen. Josuha Hedrick represents one of those defendants. is covering the January 2023 trial. “Valentine’s attorney, Joshua Hedrick, argued enforcing the statute would be appropriate at a funeral, but not at a public meeting. The demonstrators should…

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